Monday Mindset with the CEO

Failure is defined as “state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective” but look closely at that definition and focus on the desirable or intended objective part. When we set goals for ourselves we have a desirable or intended objective but we all know that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we would have hoped for. 

But does that mean that our failures are bad for us or that we should let those failures define who we are as people? 

Legends aren’t defined by their successes, they’re defined by how they bounce back from their failures.

In this week’s Monday Mindset video, Chris Bosh gives us a different perspective on how we should view failing. In his Hall of Fame speech he tells us that what we choose to do after failing is what truly makes us who we are. That’s what defines a legend. When you fail, you can choose to wallow in it or you can choose to get up and keep going. 

Keep Living Rich

~ Sharia