About Living Rich

As a Mother, Entrepreneur, Registered Nurse—and once, a teen mom—Sharia Livingston defines the idea that one’s past does not determine where they are going. Rather than succumb to society’s stereotypes and expectations of failure, Sharia saw her dreams come true: the vision of creating a brand that encourages leaders through the power of fashion whilst encouraging individual thought was made into a reality. Her daughter Sha’Miah, face and owner of Living Rich, a Youth Leader, and likewise, Entrepreneur, encourages purpose over popularity amidst her peers, and together, the mother-daughter duo strive to emphasize the value of entrepreneurship and growing from life’s experiences. They are Living Rich.

Living Rich, a derivative of the duo’s last names, was born in the summer of 2015 with the mission to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals to express themselves every time they get dressed, by giving them the power to control the meaning. The unisex, high-quality Streetwear brand prides itself on high-end quality and affordable prices, highlighting the idea that value is determined by self—not a price tag. The idea extends to the ups and downs of life, where one should embrace their circumstances and conclude their personal definition of Living Rich. 

Hence, their slogan…"Define Your Rich & Live It". 

Are you Living Rich? 

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