About Living Rich

Sharia Livingston is a Mother, Entrepreneur, and Registered Nurse. Also once being a teen mom, She's a true example that the conditions and situations you’re from does not determine where you’re going. She created Living Rich in the summer of 2015 to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals in today’s society while creating leaders through the power of fashion.


Sha'Miah Richardson is a Youth Leader, Entrepreneur, and the driving force behind all the hard work her mother puts in daily. She's also the owner and face of Living Rich. Sha'Miah focuses on encouraging her peers to choose purpose over popularity while promoting leadership through her outgoing personality and sense of style.

Living Rich provides a platform for people to express themselves every time they get dressed, by giving them the power to control the meaning. Providing high-end Streetwear quality at an affordable price, and starting the trend that value is determined by self. Although combining their last names to give you Living Rich was unique. The idea behind the brand is for individuals to embrace their circumstances rather good or bad, and find value in life’s experience’s. Hence, their slogan… "Define Your Rich & Live It". 


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