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Many want to be rich, but how many have the courage to live rich on their own terms? Created in 2015 by mother-daughter duo Sharia Livingston and Sha’Miah Richardson, Living Rich is a fashion empire, a vibe, and a reminder to bet on yourself all wrapped in one. Led by Sha’Miah, Living Rich keeps the people fly while inspiring them to ignore societal influence, embrace their individuality, and live a rich life on their own terms. 

Living Rich is not just a lifestyle streetwear brand – it’s a movement. Born out of Sharia and Sha’Miah’s desire to turn their struggles into their strengths, Living Rich provides unisex conversation pieces that continuously promote growth, leadership, confidence and individuality. A combination of the duo’s last names, Living Rich puts comfort, quality and style above everything, and it proves that value is determined by the individual, not a price tag.  

Define Your Rich

Known for being an advocate of people choosing their purpose over popularity, Sha’Miah, a current Spelman College Student, is on a mission to show that the living rich mindset applies to every part of life, especially the highs and the lows. Regardless of what we have, she believes we are all rich at all times, and it’s up to us to embrace our circumstances and Define our Rich.

Set Your Standard

See how these Leaders Defined their Rich.

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